Your Key to Fast Timberland Analysis

Acres integrates the Forisk timber mill database and the timber site index into a complete land research platform for industry professionals. Request a demo today to see how Acres can help you make fast, informed decisions on new opportunities.

Integrated Forisk Timber Mill Database

Acres and Forisk Consulting have partnered to make the Forisk North American Forest Industry Capacity Database available on the Acres platform.

Rich, Interactive Visualization

Acres puts Forisk’s timber mill data on the map with an easy to use, interactive experience.

Narrow Your Search in Seconds

Filter by status and type, or enter a radius for a selected property to quickly understand regional supply chains.

View Key Details at a Glance

Interact with nearly 2,000 timber mills nationwide to quickly view the mill type, status, current and historic owner information, capacity, and certifications.

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From Productivity to Price, Analyze Land Fast

Gain a quick understanding of potential productivity, parcel-level insights, and curated property sales data in one, nationwide platform.

Timber Site Index

Acres features a timber site index, giving you insight into the measure of forest productivity at a sub-parcel level and a detailed site breakdown based on your selected tree species.

Essential Land Analysis Tools

Acres includes nationwide access to essential insights, from elevation to historic satellite imagery, giving you a comprehensive toolkit for land research.

The Latest Rural Property Sales Data

Acres features rural property sales data curated by our team of data analysts, giving you nationwide coverage that includes non-disclosure states.

Request a Demo Today

Find out how timberland analysis works on Acres. Reach out to our team for a demo and more information.