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Rely on accurate, up-to-date sales data for informed, low-risk decision making with our exclusive, curated property sales database.

→ Updated weekly by data analysts.

→ Filter sales by crop type, soil scores, water districts, and more.

→ Nationwide coverage, including in non-disclosure and partial disclosure states.

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What Our Customers are Saying

“I have been amazed how many changes they are making, many of which are helpful for our California and permanent crop environment. I find myself using the sold land, property search, and customizable report features the most. I use them for my analysis and as part of my marketing summary for clients."

"I have been using the Acres product as a regular part of my business for almost a year now, and I wanted to let you know how great I think the Acres tool is. [...] Any agent working in the land industry should be using this tool."

"Acres has saved me a lot of time and effort, as I no longer need to juggle between multiple mapping platforms. I highly recommend Acres to anyone in the real estate industry."

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Prospect for New Opportunities

Quickly search and identify new opportunities in your market with easy to use tools.

→ Search for landowner names and addresses, and easily export mailing lists.

→ Search by entity address to visualize and map entire portfolios.

→ Map and identify loan portfolios with a national mortgage database.

Create Shareable Reports

From CSV exports to beautiful PDF property reports, Acres makes it easy to showcase your expertise.

→ Create fast comparative market analysis reports.

→ Export sales data to editable CSVs.

→ Brand and customize PDF property reports.

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Portfolio View

Improve Portfolio Visibility

Create a secure internal portfolio to access and share critical property information across your team.

→ Visualize your portfolio and relevant data on an interactive map.

→ Save and view property information from a secure, centralized dashboard.

→ Upload and share property-related documents across your organization.

Analyze and Value Land With Confidence

All the tools you need in one, comprehensive platform.

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Land for Sale

Acres Weekly Sales Data

Weekly Sales Data

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Shareable Custom Maps

Acres Property Reports

CMA & Property Reports

Acres Share & Embed Maps

Share & Embed Maps

Acres FSA Boundaries

FSA Boundaries

Acres Portfolio & Owner Search

Portfolio & Owner Search

Mailing list

Mailing Lists

Acres Assessment Data

Assessment Data

Acres Property Lines

Property Lines

Acres Soil Reports

Soil Reports

Acres Elevation insights


Acres Crop History insights

Crop History

Acres Vegetation Index (NDVI) insights

Vegetation Index (NDVI)

Acres Historic Satellite Imagery

Historic Satellite Imagery

Acres Flood and Wetlands insights

Flood and Wetlands

Acres Property Tax insights

Property Tax

Acres Water Districts (CA, NE) insights

Water Districts (CA, NE)

Acres Bank Data insights

Bank Data

Acres Power Grid insights

Power Grid

Acres Timber Site Index

Timber Site Index

Acres County Rent insights

County Rent

Acres County Yield insights

County Yield

Acres Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

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Why Acres?

Whether it's an investment, a business opportunity, or a personal legacy, buying land is a monumental decision. In such a complex market, buyers, sellers, and all the professionals involved deserve a smooth and transparent experience. However, navigating the land marketplace can be challenging, leading to obstacles throughout the transaction process.

That's where Acres comes in. We believe a more efficient and transparent marketplace starts by empowering professionals like you, who play a crucial role in facilitating land transactions. Our team is dedicated to developing a platform that complements your existing processes and expertise, allowing you to concentrate on fostering strong relationships with your clients and growing your business.