Make Fast, Data-Backed Ag Lending Decisions

Acres puts your ag lending portfolio on the map so your team can mitigate risk, streamline routine processes, and find the most up-to-date rural property data in just a few clicks.

Search Mortgage Data Nationally

→ Map and identify loan portfolios with a national mortgage database.

→ Prospect for new opportunities by lender or borrower name.

→ Identify maturing loans in your market.

Mortgage Data on
Upload documents into on a computer

Mitigate Risk with Portfolio Visibility in a Single, Secure System

→ Visualize ag properties and relevant data on a visually rich map.

→ Save and view property information from a secure, centralized dashboard.

→ Upload and attach property-related documents for easy sharing.

Increase Loan Execution Speed

→ Conduct due diligence on rural properties faster than ever.

→ Streamline routine workflows, like underwriting and closing.

→ Create and export quick market analysis reports and property reports. on a computer can export reports and .csv files land insights animation on a computer.

Access the Most Recent and Relevant Data for a Greater Competitive Edge

→ Search a national rural property sales database, updated weekly.

→ View critical insights to identify risks, like flood and wetlands, historic imagery, and soil quality.

→ Easy portfolio lookup and prospecting.


Save Time With Interactive Mapping Layers

Look up a subject property and instantly access all the key insights you need to find comparable sales, identify potential risks, and evaluate past land use.

Land for Sale on

Land for Sale

Sales Data on

Sales Data

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Property Lines

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Parcel Details

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Crop History on

Crop History

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Vegetation Index (NDVI)

Historic Satellite Imagery on

Historic Satellite Imagery

FEMA Flood & Wetlands insights on

FEMA Flood & Wetlands

Water Districts (CA, NE) insights on

Water Districts (CA, NE)

County Rent insights on

County Rent

County Yield insights on

County Yield

Property Tax insights on

Property Tax

Timber Site Index on

Timber Site Index

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Timber Mills

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Why Acres

At Acres, our mission is to make buying and selling land common, transparent, and easy. That's why we believe a more efficient and transparent marketplace starts with empowering professionals like you.

Our team is dedicated to developing a platform that complements your existing processes and expertise, allowing you to concentrate on fostering strong relationships with your customers and growing your business.